The &SISTERS Foundation:

Making a difference

Millions of women and girls across the globe stay at home during their periods because they can’t afford period products.


We want to be part of changing that. Our purpose is to help tackle period poverty and provide support to women around the world, enabling them to have a better future.

Just £5 a year...

…pays for one girl’s annual period care supplies in Africa and India.

The &SISTERS Foundation is dedicated to changing the lives of thousands of women around the world and believe that gender should never keep a girl from getting her education.

Because when you educate a girl, you educate a community.

Educating girls helps break the cycle of poverty and inequality.

A few painful facts


Almost a quarter of Indian girls drop out of school when they start menstruating and the ones that remain miss on average five days a month.

Kenya and neighbouring countries

UNESCO estimate 50% of school-age girls do not have access to period products

Nepal and Afghanistan

30% of girls miss school during their periods

Central Africa, South and West Asia

UNICEF estimate that child marriage would decrease by over 60% if all girls had secondary education

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